About me

 I help you to TRANSFORM IDEAS into PUBLIC POLICY based on EVIDENCE and RELIABLE DATA, and to develop realistic programs and plans, grounded in the context of implementation and responding to real population needs and capacities.


I help you to FORMULATE, SUBMIT and RAISE FUNDS to finance projects aimed at providing the necessary protection to populations to develop in a dignified and safe way. I will provide you the needed support to ENSURE that your programs, plans or initiatives generate a favorable and positive impact on the environment, helping populations to prosper not only to survive.

With my services you will overcome certain barriers, such as COMMUNICATION AND INTER-INSTITUTIONAL COORDINATION ONES, that do so much damage within the institutions to move forward in the achievement of their goals. Efficiency, positive impact and sustainability are part of my results. TRY MY METHODOLOGY!

Connect with me to deepen and receive advice on issues related to social integration, employment, social security and social protection, migration and development, gender, among other topics, key issues related to population and development, which is my specialty.

I perform my work under the highest standards of excellence and quality. As a consultant, I always try to contribute more than expected as one of my goals, along with obtaining unbeatable results, is the innovation and satisfaction of my partners.










Ingrid  Hernández-Ardieta Boix

Independent Consultant